Hoverboard first appeared to draw the attention of the public after the Hollywood movie "Back to the Future" which was screened in 1989 but the technology was perfected towards the latter part of 2014 and early 2015.

The year 2015 saw it being proliferated and everyone who could afford one went to grab their Hoverboard and was a toy or travelling contraption that everyone wanted.

Christmas 2015 saw it being sold in millions worldwide which were all manufactured in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan using cheap materials and without any certified quality controls.

The years 2015 and 2016 saw Hoverboards spontaneously combusting, exploding and ending up with various other problems which caused injury to users due to inferior materials and improper workmanship.

These dangerous incidents got the authorities in the United States and other countries up in arms and whilst they were contemplating the issue, popular websites like Amazon. Walmart and eBay banned its sale.

On the advice of the United States Consumer Product safety Commission (CPSC) distributors and manufacturers immediately recalled all Hoverboards from the market.

It was thought at the time that Hoverboards were a dead product and would take a herculean effort to resurrect its image and would not be a product that would sway consumers to it again.

This did not happen but the authorities too got their act together and brought in stringent regulations of which the bench mark is the UL2272 certification.

To be awarded the UL2272 certification Hoverboards had to undergo a series of stringent tests which in total exceeded 150 and only if they complied were they permitted to be sold in the market.

This naturally brought the Hoverboard back and is today a very much sort after contraption that has revolutionized the way people could move about.

There are still some restrictions as to where you could ride it, so be well advised before you ride one.