The age group between 01 to 30 years constitutes 22% of the German population which is generally considered as the target market for Hoverboards in Germany and around the world.

There are others too beyond the above age groups, who ride Hoverboards which is catching up fast as a recreational contraption, toy, fun ride and just a trendy thing to own.

There is an inherent acceptance among the young that a Hoverboard is a trendy gadget to have which has shoved the demand for it in Germany.

The younger generation of Germans has taken to riding Hoverboards like "ducks taking to water" and it has become a trendy way of getting their adrenaline pumped up.

Hoverboards from AlienBoard Shop could travel at speeds of between 10 to 12 kilometers per hour and need to be ridden only in designated areas as it could contravene German laws if done so elsewhere.

It is trendy and many Germans are riding them and it was a point of much conversation around the bars and pubs in the country when a 34 year old man was fined Euro 1,200 for riding one on the sidewalk.

The judge ruled that travelling at speeds exceeding 6 kilometers per hour required him to have insurance for it as he could endanger the lives of others including his.

The demand for Hoverboards have increased tremendously within Germany and it is envisaged that once there s some relaxation in the prevailing rules there could be a surge in demand.

The authorities concerned would need to take a much pragmatic look at this travelling contraption which does not emit anything that would be harmful to the environment.

Encouraging the use of it with the required controls could even solve some of our main concerns which are pollution and the congestion on the streets with excess traffic.