Is 10 Inch Hoverboard too big?

There are so many things which we consider before buying anything. Similarly, when you are trying to get yourself a hoverboard, you actually look into the features of it and of course the size. The size of the hoverboard is one of the most important things which you have to keep in mind because of so many reasons. First of all, you have to ask yourself a question which is, why are you buying the hoverboard? To ride it indoors or outdoors? And many similar questions like this.

Most of us have bought the hoverboards already. Some of us have a 7 inches long hoverboard and some of us have 10 inches wheels hoverboard but actually what's the difference? Well, actually there is a lot of difference just because of the size of it (for details, you can check out Alien Wheels blog). But the real question is the 10 inch hoverboard too big. The answer of this question may vary on the experiences of the users. Some prefer to have this big hoverboard and some do not. It is totally a matter of choice but however here are some facts about the 10 inches hoverboards so we can get to the conclusion.

First of all, let's talk about the size because this is what we have to talk about. Obviously, the 10 inches hoverboard is big and large but since its size is big, it is supposed to do something which the other hoverboards cannot do. Because of it's bigger size it has the rubber tires. These rubber tires are inflatable. The fact that its size is big provides you so many opportunities to enjoy wherever you are riding it. For instance, let's discuss the tires. The tire wheels are inflatable and are very comfortable. These tires make your ride comfortable on the roads. Even if you are riding it indoor or outdoor, you do not have to worry about the bumpy roads or any hurdle. It will make it as smooth as possible. You can use these hoverboards on grass, rough surfaces, or any other place which has tiny bumps. You will be glad to know that the bigger hoverboards like this 10 inch hoverboard is always recommended to use on the rough surfaces or even in the parks because they can move comfortably leaving the rough surfaces behind. These hoverboards like Alienwheels hoverboards are very sturdy which can do wonders. Since they are bigger, they are heavy in weight. Other than this, the larger hoverboard can help you in covering the distance in less time as they move faster than the others. However, they have a bit poor battery power system. The battery cannot be blamed but the size. Because of the size, the hoverboard consumes more battery and drains faster than the other hoverboards. These hoverboards are little expensive on the pockets, but trust me once you have this one in your hands you would not regret having this one.