our own weird head world.

7 March 2013

Performing is like opening up your body and
giving your blood to someone who needs it.
and you give blood knowing that when you'll be in need someone else is going to help you.
play some music or draw a picture for you. or just bake a muffin and give you a hug.
Whatever – everything is necessary. everything is even more necessary because the world is yours, at least in your
big important weird head world.

My biggest fear is definitely not performing. I thought it was really scary until i realized that
when i die i won't be able to perform
so i better do it now.

Performing means traveling. sometimes for weeks. sometimes for months. And leaving your loved ones for such a long time can be hard.
Then you wanna go home and never go back again from your loved ones. You wanna hold them all in your arms,
they may never leave you. Those may never go:
the one i gave my heart to, my mom, my dad,
my stepmom, my stepdad, my brothers, my sisters,
my grandparents, my cat & my friends.

will they leave me? well at some point in life, yes.
some of them have no real heartbeat anymore.
As soon as your life begins it starts to end.
that's something.

I love performing & traveling, i love seeing new places & being in big cities.
i love even more being out in the nature, driving from one place to another.
while we drive, i constantly look out of the window trying to see a deer or a bear or maybe an owl.
i have never seen an wild owl. I made up this game that will give me thousand points if i see a wild bear.
i don't even really know what those thousand points mean. it is just a weird funny game in my head.
it's wonderful to see wild animals running around but it always surprises me that everywhere i go
i see people.
and in my big important weird head world i realize,

people are everywhere and i am just one of them.
everyone is important and we all have our own weird world where we suck on each other's arty blood.

we should give – we should take.


11 February 2013


first of all i want to thank you for sending me so much nice stuff. so far, what i've seen, read or heard is pretty nice. thanks, you are great.

I just finished my studio, which is kind of cool so
last week i was mainly working on my next album.

but i've been thinking lately

maybe it's normal to 
love something and
hate it 
at the same time.
i think it's a very normal feeling.
sometimes it would be good to just run away. 
live a life
where you don't feel. then you probably don't fear either.
isn't weird that what is inside your head, so many thoughts won't  become reality
because they are too 
weird or too scary or
you are just too afraid of giving birth to them.
if everyone would be or say or do what they think
would the world be better or worse?

it's fear. fear of failing, fear of having no control, fear of not being good enough,
fear of not having money, fear of writing what i'm writing, fear of dying, fear of fear …

but then when you remember
who you are, who you love, who loves you,
family, friends, life, childhood,
love, peace,
music that makes you either happy or sad
music that makes you feel or not feel
movies, photos, art,
things you love, 
birds, traveling, culture,
the forest, the sea,
that you are
most likely
that life won't be forever like this,
but it's now

so why bother all this fear. 

in your mind you are free and
you can let your imagination 
go everywhere, also to the places that don't really exist.

i guess there is the art. somewhere deep. you just have to dig in to find it. give it a moment. give it space and time. time 
is so important

here is a line in one poem i'm working on for next album, only because it fits to what i was writing.
seems like i think about it a lot. seems like i can't live without it.
seems like it's good to write about.

…when we take your fear on a
magic trip around the world.




sóley – writes about everything and nothing.

3 February 2013


so i wanna start this blog thing to help me and myself to keep everything organized but if i know myself i'll probably just write about my cat and the cup of coffee i just drank. because i love coffee. and i love cats.
i also wanna find more inspiring things on the internet. and maybe you can help me.
tomorrow i am moving into a new studio. and i won't come out until next album is finished.

I really wanna find truly surrealistic stuff, like really truly weird arty stuff. and i mean weird in a good way.
poems, photos, videos, books…whatever.

I actually don't know if you can comment here. but if you can't you can start by sending me message on facebook. I'll find
the other thing out later.

good night lovers.